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1. Ouverture
2. Creation
3. The Blue Bird
4. Pursuance / Soul in the Ignorance
5. The Cosmic Dance
6. Nirvana

Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio & Jasper Blom / Vera Naus - Cosmic Dance

Released: 2016

Cosmic Dance is the second album of the Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio, in collaboration with saxophone player Jasper Blom and singer Vera Naus. The album holds six original compositions based on works of Indian poet Sri Aurobindo. By merging the poetry with the jazz tradition and elements of Indian and Western classical music, this album marks the next episode of the trio’s musical journey.

Sebastiaan van Bavel - piano, synthesizer
Maciej Domaradzki - double bass
Jimmi Hueting - drums
Jasper Blom - tenor saxophone
Vera Naus - vocals 

Produced by Udo Pannekeet & Sebastiaan van Bavel & Jimmi Hueting
Recorded at Studio-2 Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Mixed and mastered by Udo Pannekeet

Artwork by Twan Beurskens / Luidspreker

© 2016 Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio

Cosmic Dance - Introduction to the Album

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