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1. Épigraphes Antiques No. 1 / Towards the Light
2. 5678
3. Coltrane Suite
4. Prelude No.2, Op. 11 / Prelude for Jules
5. Minimal Effort, Maximum Result
6. Oleo

Sebastiaan van Bavel & Rob van Bavel - Like Father, Like Son

Released: 2016

Even before reaching the age of ten, Sebastiaan was introduced to the world of jazz by his father and renowned pianist Rob van Bavel. Fast-forward ten years and father and son Van Bavel find themselves as master and apprentice at the Codarts conservatory in Rotterdam (NL). With the pianists sharing a love for experimenting with combining the jazz tradition with classical music, a collaboration turns out to be inevitable. The result is debut album Like Father, Like Son - sub titled ‘The Edison Duo’, referring to the Edison Awards (the Dutch Grammy) of both Rob (Best Dutch Jazz Album 1990) and Sebastiaan (Best Dutch Jazz Album 2014).

Sebastiaan van Bavel - piano
Rob van Bavel - piano

Produced by Sebastiaan van Bavel & Rob van Bavel

© 2016 Sebastiaan van Bavel

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