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Sebastiaan van Bavel

Sebastiaan van Bavel is a pianist and composer combining the jazz tradition with elements from Indian and Western classical music. Although you will find his compositions to resemble a classical symphony more than a jazz standard, improvisation and swing always prevail in his music. Sebastiaan is in love with the piano trio format but is also praised when performing solo or as part of the piano duo with renowned jazz pianist Rob van Bavel (who just happens to be his dad). Sebastiaan likes to experiment with sound and timbre by occasionally expanding his trio with vocals, strings and/or horns. No matter the line-up, you will always hear Sebastiaan’s signature in his compositions and his imposing piano play. For his debut album As The Journey Begins, Sebastiaan was awarded an Edison (Dutch Grammy) for Best Dutch Jazz Album of 2014. In 2016 he released his second album Cosmic Dance.  


  • 2018 - Young VIP 2018
  • 2016 - 2nd prize Unisa International Jazz Piano Competition
  • 2015 - Nomination Zilveren Notenkraker
  • 2015 - Conservatorium Talent Award
  • 2014 - Edison Jazz Nationaal - Best Dutch Jazz Album 2014
  • 2012 - Winner Dordtse Jazz Competitie
  • 2012 - Finalist Dutch Jazz Competition
  • 2011 - Winner Prinses Christina Concours - Classical
  • 2008 - Winner Prinses Christina Concours - Jazz

Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio

In 2014 Sebastiaan van Bavel releases debut album As The Journey Begins with Maciej Domaradzki on bass and Remi Troost on drums. The album is  awarded a prestigious Edison Award for Best Dutch Jazz Album of 2014 and the trio completes a successful release tour with a show at the North Sea Jazz Festival. For the trio’s next album Cosmic Dance, the trio consisting of Sebastiaan van Bavel (piano), Maciej Domaradzki (bass) and Jimmi Hueting (drums) is completed by saxophone player Jasper Blom and singer Vera Naus. The recording holds six original compositions based on the work of Indian poet Sri Aurobindo, merging the poetry with the jazz-tradition and elements of Indian and Western classical music. The album is performed live in the quintet line-up during the Young VIP Tour 2018 including shows at the Bimhuis, LantarenVenster and Transition Festival.

Line-up 2019
Sebastiaan van Bavel - piano
Remi Troost - drums
Maciej Domaradzki - double bass

2016: Cosmic Dance - Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio & Jasper Blom / Vera Naus
2014: The Journey Begins - Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio

The Edison Duo (Rob & Sebastiaan van Bavel)

Even before reaching the age of ten, Sebastiaan was introduced to the world of jazz by his father and renowned pianist Rob van Bavel. Fast-forward ten years and father and son Van Bavel find themselves back again as master and apprentice at Codarts Rotterdam. With the pianists sharing a love for experimenting with combining the jazz tradition with classical music, a collaboration turns out inevitable. The result is The Edison Duo, referring to the Edison Awards (the Dutch Grammy) of both Rob (Best Dutch Jazz Album 1990) and Sebastiaan (Best Dutch Jazz Album 2014). After a series of concerts in 2015, the unique duo releases their debut album ‘Like Father, Like Son’ in 2016.   

2016: Like Father, Like Son - The Edison Duo  

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